Business English Certificate (BEC). Международные сертификаты. Занятия с репетитором по английскому языку

Опытный репетитор по английскому языку поможет получить Business English Certificate

– международно-признанный документ - BEC – самый подходящий для вас экзамен, если вы планируете создать карьеру в бизнесе и бизнес-областях.

Международные сертификаты можно получить легко после подготовки у опытного репетитора - лингвиста и преподавателя МГЛУ Москвы Алексея Э. Султанова.
Сертификат Cambridge ESOL exams – это «знак качества» для любого работодателя. Кембриджский экзамен по деловому английскому BEC (Business English Certificate) – это тест, который даст вам путёвку в деловую жизнь.

Список международных сертификатов по английскому, которые стоит сдавать.

- Сертификат Business English Certificate, в первую очередь, необходим для студентов желающих заняться бизнес карьерой на международном уровне.
- PTE, Pearson Test of English General (PTE General) – это международный экзамен по общему английскому, предназначенный для оценки уровня владения английским языком.
- Toefl,
Тесты и экзамены по английскому языку TOEFL для иностранцев.
- FCE, IELTS для начинающих.

Подготовка к сдаче PET, KET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, PTE, BEC, TOEFL, GMAT.

Пример с теста BEC VANTAGE:

The mobile phone business is behaving like the internet industry in take-up and the pace of innovation, and it's important not to be left behind.

Справка репетитора лингвиста:

take-up - количество клиентов, подписчиков, пользователей, потребителей; спрос, популярность, рост популярности, повышение спроса, увеличение количества потребителей

to increase the take-up — повышать спрос, увеличивать количество потребителей.

The USA take-up of Internet trading is much higher than in the UK.
— Количество клиентов интернет-торговли в США гораздо выше, чем в Соединённом Королевстве (Великобритании).

The recent rapid take-up in mobile phones shows what can be done if the correct marketing strategy is used. — Недавний быстрый рост популярности мобильных телефонов показывает, что можно сделать, если использовать правильную маркетинговую стратегию.

We must continue to innovate in delivering the product to the customer.
In terms of service provision, you can draw comparisons between us and our closest rival, but clearly all the main mobile phone retailers have succeeded in taking the industry forward.

Growth has accelerated rapidly and the mobile telephone has changed from simply being a business tool, to being a means of communication for everyone.
Over a few years, prices have dropped sharply and technological advances have meant products have changed – and are changing.

Пример контрольной работы - заданий по английскому языку для выполнения преподавателем МГЛУ Москвы.

Successful retailers must try to keep on top of these developments and invest in the training of employees so they are able to offer impartial advice to customers.
E-commerce is taking off but this won’t necessarily replace traditional retail outlets.
In order to stand out, you need innovative ideas on customer service.
We don’t believe in criticising other retailers, but there’s nothing particularly exciting out there at present.
When I first started in the industry, mobile phones were retailing at a thousand pounds and were as large as box files.
Now, prices are constantly being driven down and handsets are considerably more compact.
There is intense competition between the network providers, and every time they lower their tariffs, more people come into the market.
This will continue, and while retail dealers’ profits will be affected dramatically, network providers will have to generate more revenue by offering internet provision and data services to the mobile user.
Market awareness of the mobile telephone has exploded and the retailer who specialises in mobile phones is seeing growth like never before.
Admittedly, some customers buy their first mobile phone in the supermarket, but for advice, add-ons and particular services they turn to the specialist.

Admittedly - по общему признанию, общепризнанно:
it is admittedly difficult to admit one's mistakeвсе знают, как трудно признавать свои ошибки
2. как вводное слово правда, конечно; (надо) признаться
admittedly, he's a great writer, but I dislike him as a personконечно, он великий писатель, но как человек он мне не нравится.

There are a large number of mobile phone retailers and I can’t help but feel the market only has room for four players.
Undoubtedly, customer service is the factor that differentiates operators and I think this year we will probably see rationalisation in the sector.

Спрос на обучение английскому языку. Нужен репетитор English.
Требуется онлайн преподаватель - частный учитель.

Questions 1 – 7
• Look at the statements below and the comments given on the opposite page by mobile phone retailers.
• Which section (A, B, C or D) does each statement 1 – 7 refer to?
• For each statement 1 – 7, mark one letter (A, B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet.
• You will need to use some of these letters more than once.

Example:  the extent to which mobile phones have changed in size.

1 the need for retail staff to stay informed about the mobile phones they are selling
2 the belief that the market will not sustain the present number of mobile phone retailers
3 the use of mobile phones no longer being restricted to a specific group of people
4 the relationship between charges and the number of mobile phone users
5 a negative view of competing mobile phone retailers
6 a comparison between change in the mobile phone industry and that in a different sector
7 those services available at mobile phone outlets that are not provided by other retailers.


A The hotel staff assumed they should be booked into the same room.
B But there is clear evidence that things are slowly improving.
C This would enable women to make an informed choice about a hotel, and they would not be placed in the uncomfortable position of having to complain about poor service.
D It is advisable for them to do this during their stay rather than waiting until they check out.
E Making sure that facilities in guest bedrooms cater equally for the needs of male and female guests is one such idea.
F Most of the women, when questioned further, thought that the reason for this was that they were female and travelling alone.
G This is evident from the results of a questionnaire distributed to hotel guests by the Business Travel Association.

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  1. Business English Certificate (BEC). Международные сертификаты - это ваша карьера с английским языком после уроков репетитора!
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    что это такое?
    BEC (Business English Certificate): vantage, higher - экзамен, если вы планируете создать карьеру в бизнесе и бизнес-областях.
    Экзамен BEC - это круто.
    Во-первых, хочется отметить, что полученный сертификат бессрочный: длится всю жизнь.
    Во-вторых: Обучение в Москве bec ведётся профессионально только репетиторами МГЛУ.

    Ваша топ-менеджер по репетиторским проектам Бек Татьяна Александровна. Я поэтесса, литературный критик и литературовед. Член Союза писателей СССР (1978), Русского ПЕН-центра, секретарь Союза писателей Москвы (1991—1995).

  2. PART TWO Questions 8 – 12
    • Read the article below about a survey of businesswomen staying in hotels.
    • Choose the best sentence from the opposite page to fill each of the gaps.
    • For each gap 8 – 12, mark one letter (A – G) on your Answer Sheet.
    • Do not use any letter more than once.
    • There is an example at the beginning, (0).
    Hotels Failing Businesswomen
    Hoteliers should take note because they are facing serious criticism!
    Women account for more than half of all business travellers, but hotels are not doing enough for them. (0) . . . .G . . . . .
    These show that the number of complaints made about the way women guests are treated is increasing. The Bartonsfield Hotel in London also conducted a recent survey of UK businesswomen, which reveals that 70% feel they receive an inferior service.
    (8) . . . . . . . The attitude of hotel staff made them feel out of place in public areas; for example, 62% chose to eat in their rooms because they were made to feel uncomfortable by staff when dining alone. (9) . . . . . . . Four years ago, for example, a similar survey had revealed that a significant number of women travelling alone and wishing to use the hotel restaurant were actually turned away. Many of the suggestions for improved services put forward by the Business Travel Association are relatively simple. (10) . . . . . . . Placing tables in restaurants in a way that allows the head waiter to introduce guests to one another, so they can choose to sit together over a meal, was a further suggestion. Guests in the dining room would then have the opportunity to meet up with others who might, for example, be attending the same conference, or have the same business interests. Wendy Manning, executive manager of the Bartonsfield Hotel, agreed with the Business Travel Association that hotel star ratings should be influenced by the level of service they offer to female business guests.
    (11) . . . . . . . ‘Our survey highlighted the unwillingness of many women to air their views if they are treated badly,’ Wendy Manning pointed out. A group of influential businesswomen recently met to discuss the results of the Business Travel Association questionnaire. They suggested that businesswomen should not hesitate to make it clear if they have a problem.
    (12) . . . . . . . Once clients have gone, it is all too easy for the issue to be ignored by hotel managers, and it will also be forgotten by the overworked business executives themselves.

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